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Energy Efficiency in San Jose

Lightbulb Symbol On A Keyboard The need for a more energy efficient home or business may not seem like an absolute necessity, but when you consider the cost savings through having more energy efficient electrics or products then you will soon see the benefits. We like to help save San Jose residents and businesses money, which is a great reason to use our energy efficiency program.

Hundreds if not thousands of dollars can be saved on household or business energy bills every year, if the right energy efficient products are used in a property. That is where we can help, by advising, installing and checking your property for electrical energy efficiency.

It is not just about energy efficient bulbs, but old wiring, faulty appliances, damaged boilers and heating systems to name a few can pay a big part in increasing electric bill payments every month.

Did you know?

• A water heater with a faulty filament can spiral your electricity bill, making that meter spin or tick up at almost quadruple the speed it is supposed to.

• Faulty old wiring can cause surges and electrical leaks, it can also you way to much electrical current affecting the energy efficiency of your home or business.

2 prong plug Old air conditioning units and humidifiers can increase you bills as they are not as energy efficient as modern products.

• Old fuse boxes can also have an effect on your energy efficiency, especially if they do not trip or are all over your property like a jigsaw puzzle.

These are just a few examples; there are so many other electrical items within a property that can have a drastic effect on the cost of powering a property.

What can our energy efficiency services do for you?

San Jose homes and businesses would be the most energy efficient properties in California, if not the United States if we had our way. That is why we offer you a comprehensive energy efficiency advice and installation program, just contact us for more information.

We can send a team of electrical engineers to your property to conduct an electrical survey and energy efficiency test . We will outline any problematic areas and give you some advice as to the costs to rectify any issues.

We can test electrical equipment, wiring and metering to assess any saving that can be made.
Saving money on your electricity bills is not the only reason for energy efficiency. There are a number of benefits to being ‘greener' with energy use. One of those reasons is the environment, going greener helps reduce carbon emissions, thus helping the planet recover from the effects of global warming.

Call us today with any enquiries on how to be more energy efficient at work or at home, and learn where you can save money every month.